• Alyse Cline

William & Heather | Havana Springs Resort | Havana, Florida Wedding

On May 19, 2019, William and Heather celebrated their big day at Havana Springs Resort in Havana, Florida. Located about twenty-five minutes outside of Tallahassee, Florida, this newly renovated venue is perfect for any Florida wedding wanting to be able to stay the night and have a good time!

Thirteen years in the making, these two used to sneak out and meet at the gazebo at night. They fell in love and the rest was history. Family and friends traveled from all over to celebrate with these two and the day couldn't have been more perfect. There were nerves, laughs, and tears. There was converse a plenty! The bride and groom both wore a matching pair with the date of the wedding and Mr. or Mrs. on the heal! Such an adorable idea to showcase their love.

With their daughter right beside them. William and Heather tied the knot under a 200 year old oak tree on the venue's land. They danced down the isle and into married life together. At the reception, William surprised Heather by getting down on his knee and doing a retelling of their whole life together so far before asking her for their first dance as husband and wife. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room.

After dinner, I was able to pull them away for a few special shots at the gazebo on the property to capture a memory of their first few months dating. Then it was cake, more shots with the beautiful sun glow behind them, and the bubble send off! I was unaware of how amazing those bubble shots were going to turn out! They wound up being some of my favorites from the day. Then the couple partied all night with their friends and family while I got some well earned rest! I tell you, even in May it was HOT!

Overall, I think everyone had a great time and I wish William and Heather a lifetime of happiness and joy.

- Alyse